Thursday, March 25, 2010

springtime! in my office!

To further confirm what I already believed -- namely, that my parents are some of the most wonderful people. ever. -- they sent me flowers at work today, for no reason in particular save springtime (and maybe the knowledge that I wasn't having the best of weeks, which may or may not have involved, among other things, a mouse that did get caught in a trap but did not die). There is now a basket overflowing with purple and yellow and white and green in the corner of my desk. My flowers are beautiful, they smell of wonder and Easter and hope and finally there is something ALIVE in this office (other than me).

I was having trouble making my thankful list this morning. No longer.

Okay. So long as this loveliness doesn't distract me too much from the enormous manuscript to be edited, I will make it through this day.

(Thank you.)

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