Thursday, September 16, 2010

summer in review.

Though it is not officially fall, summer has undeniably begun to slip away, marked by shorter days, cool morning air and the occasional gold leaves at the fingers of trees. Summer has flown by, and I'm astonished that it is over, but it was a delight, full of good times with lovely people, notable happenings, some wonderful travels, much fresh produce and the simple joys of the season.
And before I begin to speak of tights and scarves, brisk winds and fallen leaves crunching underfoot, apple cider and winter squash, I give the following photographic review of the summertime (note: stay tuned for an addendum of food photos later this week).

There were days at the beach
and beautiful sunsets
and lazy Saturday mornings spent at coffee shops
and the farmers market.
(That girl is my favorite farmer.)

There was a trip to Chicago with dear friends,
and numerous visitors graced the city of Grand Rapids.
These folks got married,
as did these.
(There was much celebration.)

And in culmination of everything, my dear sister and brother-in-law returned to these United States, a delight I'm still reveling in.
It has been a lovely summer.

We have picked berries,
and we have picnicked... What more could a girl ask for?

In the summer, the song sings itself.

--William Carlos Williams


  1. Great pictures, Stacy. Apparently Geurk didn't make the beach picture, huh? Haha! Hope you are well and enjoying the end of summer in GR. Miss all ya'll.

  2. Thanks, friends. And Jer, you are correct re: the beach picture. (Sorry, Sarah!) I'm hoping her lovely and complete appearance in other photos makes up for her sadly hidden face in that one ;) Also, we miss you too. Very much.